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squirrel king recordsare a Manchester based independent record label. Our experienced and creative team are dedicated to finding great indie music and finding it the audience it deserves.

To hear the fine music squirrel king has to offer check out our artists. If live music is your thing then why not come down to one of our regular showcase events?


Jack Trainer's debut album 'Knitting Club Every Monday Night' is to be release on 16th April 2012. Be sure to check out the songs on our artists page. If you're too excited and you simply might explode if you don't have the album before the release date then you can pre-order at and you will receive two new tracks right away. For the more patient amongst you then you can purchase at our shop, on itunes, or wherever you little heart desires. The release party is at Manchester's Academy 3 on 13th April. Maybe we'll see some of you there. We'll bring the cake!